10 Ways to be True to Yourself

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Living up to other people’s expectations can be exhausting. Yet many of us unconsciously choose a life of second-guessing, people-pleasing and fearing failure over a life of empowerment, freedom and happiness. This is the difference between being who you think you should be, versus who you really, truly are.

Being the best version of yourself leads to a far more fulfilling life than being a second-rate version of someone else, yet it doesn’t always come naturally and old habits can be difficult to break. I often work with my coaching clients to explore what it would mean to them if they were true to themselves. This is something profoundly unique and means something different to each and every person.

In this article, I look at how to be true to yourself. Here are 10 ways in which you can start being true to yourself today:

  1. Identify and live by your own personal values, by thinking about what really matters to you.
  2. Let the true you be known in the choices you make, from how you dress to your hobbies, interests and opinions.
  3. Be honest with how you feel when you talk to friends and family.
  4. Let go of the opinions of others, if these opinions are detracting you from being who you are or doing what you want.
  5. Think about and celebrate your personal strengths. Ask others to help if needed.
  6. Surround yourself with like-minded people. These are people who make you feel good, not the ones who bring you down.
  7. Do what makes you happy: the things you care about and that bring you joy.
  8. Remember what interested you when growing up. Do these things still interest you now? Consider reigniting any passions and interests you let go of.
  9. Forgive yourself for your failures and mistakes; let go of shame and guilt.
  10. Take responsibility for your own life, both for what has happened and what happens next.

Being yourself isn’t always easy, I know that. At least, it isn’t at first. It’s a brave thing to do. Bravery requires us to step outside of our comfort zone.

Being true to ourselves enables us to be authentic and discover more about ourselves. It also helps us to grow, discover and enjoy. Listen to yourself once in a while. Whether it be to the voice in your head or your gut, letting your instinct guide you is the first step toward being truly, madly, deeply… you. ❤️

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