3 Alternatives to the New Year’s Resolution

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It’s January: feelings of fresh starts, new dawns and setting goals fill the air. Except it’s 2021. We are only days out of 2020, the year that shook up everything we thought of as normal. Some how, grand new year’s resolutions just don’t feel appropriate in the continued uncertainty. Yet, we want and to be honest, need a positive way to kick start the year. So what’s the alternative?


Whether you want to look forward or focus on what is happening right now, January can be full of positives. Here are three alternative – and potentially more sustainable – options if the new year’s resolution isn’t for you this year:


Changing Habits


This is for you if: you want immediate results and are ready to see some change.


How to do it: decide on new habits, by both reviewing existing ones and identifying areas for improvement. Monitor using apps or checklists over 30 days or more, recognising triggers when you’re challenged. Remember to reward your progress!


Positive Affirmations


This is for you if: this is going to be your year of transformation and you want to work toward a positive vision.


How to do it: create a personal statement in the present tense to state where you will be this time next year e.g. “I am… and I have achieved…”. Repeat it at least daily, believe it and set yourself actions toward it!


Practice Gratitude


This is for you if: long-term planning and big goals aren’t your focus right now, but feeling happy is.


How to do it: create a gratitude journal to establish a daily routine of recalling moments you are grateful for, bringing in all of your senses and feelings. Share your gratitude to really establish those positive feelings!


Habits, affirmations and gratitude can be used separately or together, whether or not you will be making a new year’s resolution this year. However you move forward, remember to be kind to yourself as you both reflect back on your journey so far and move forward with the year ahead. Wishing you a happy, healthy 2021.


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