Life Coaching

This is more than helping you get from A to B…

It’s about empowering you to create sustainable change that lasts. Whether you are looking for work life balance, to transition careers, or to take your career to the next level, there is a coaching solution to guide, encourage and challenge you through your own personal transformation.


Career Coaching

Whether you are looking for career fulfillment, direction or success, coaching can empower you to achieve your goals. Career coaching is specifically for you if you’re embracing a career transition or want to move your current career forward.

Returner Coaching

Returning to work after maternity leave or long term absence can create uncertainty and nervousness. Returner coaching can build your confidence, improve your self-awareness and help you build strength and clarity as you navigate through this period of change.

Life Coaching

Whether you want to improve your work-life balance, regain momentum or take your life to the next level, life coaching will provide you with the encouragement and guidance to achieve your goals and live a more fulfilled life.

Confidence Coaching

Feelings of low self-worth or a lack of confidence in your abilities can prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams. Confidence coaching can empower you to discover what you could achieve in the absence of low self-esteem by challenging your limiting beliefs.



Whether you would prefer to work around a fixed time frame, or have more flexibility as you work towards your goal, together we can create a programme that works for you.

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I will guide, encourage and challenge you as you work toward a unique set of goals or actions and reach a place where you create and own sustainable change.

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