Personal Growth

Personal growth matters, which is why I provide a range of coaching, mentoring and training opportunities to help you discover your potential.

Let's move


Are you at a career crossroads? Whether you are looking to transition career paths, take the next step on the ladder or address your work life balance, my Career Workshop will help you focus your goals and move forward.


Across 2 sessions, I will introduce a combination of coaching and mentoring methods based on your individual needs, to help you explore your career opportunities and personal preferences. You will come away with improved self awareness and practical next steps to take your career forward.

career planning


How does a 2 hour deep-dive to help you move forward sound? If you need a quick-fix confidence boost, this is the session for you.



During the session we will explore your self-awareness, acceptance, validation and that all important comfort zone. You will come away feeling more positive about yourself and ready to take a step forward in your own personal growth journey.



Are you:

– looking for direction, purpose or focus in your life?

– feeling held back from moving forward by fear of what might happen?

– worried what might happen if you made the leap?

My coaching solutions are about investing in you, both now and for the future. I often work with ambitious people, who have ideas, dreams and hopes beyond their current situation, but have been held back by limiting beliefs, fear or that inner voice. We worth together to identify and overcome those barriers, clarify direction and create meaningful, sustainable change.

insight: 3 SESSIONS

My introductory coaching programme is a fast-track insight into how powerful coaching can be. In 3 sessions, I will help you to take steps toward where you want to be, with improved self-awareness, confidence and an achievable plan of action for you to continue to take forward toward your goal.



Whether you are looking for time-driven results or clarity toward your goal, my 6 session intensive programme will guide you to develop a powerful sense of self-awareness, clarify your direction and work towards a goal that will create meaningful and sustainable change in your life.

transform: 12 sessions


My in-depth transformational programme will empower you to explore what you really want from life and discover what is holding you back. We will work together to replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs, giving you the tools and mindset to own your transformation and create sustainable change.


£ 165 £55 per session
  • FREE Consultation
  • 3 Coaching Sessions
  • 3-5 Week Programme
  • 7 Day Support
  • Tailored Tools & Resources


£ 300 £50 per session
  • FREE Consultation
  • 6 Coaching Sessions
  • 6-12 Week Programme
  • 7 Day Support
  • Tailored Tools & Resources
  • FREE Follow-up Session


£ 540 £45 per session
  • FREE Consultation
  • 12 Coaching Sessions
  • 3-10 Month Programme
  • 7 Day Support
  • Tailored Tools & Resources
  • FREE Follow-up Session

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