A coach, parent, writer and traveller. I am fascinated by cultures, people and positive thinking. Currently social-distancing with the rest of the world and available to coach virtually.

I work with people and organisations to overcome fear and achieve goals…

We all want, or need, something. It might be less of one thing, more of another. It might be both. Improving performance and achieving goals is a journey that is unique to every single person and it isn’t a single event. I have dedicated my career to supporting others to overcome the fears standing in the way of success. Facing my own fears on my personal transformation journey brought me balance, purpose and flexibility. Now I specialise in guiding and motivating my clients toward a place where they can be true to their selves for improved wellbeing, happiness and success.

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For Individuals

Life Coaching

Confidence Coaching

Outplacement Coaching

Career Coaching

Returner Coaching

Fear Coaching

For Organisations

Executive Coaching

Performance Management

Career Pathways

Leadership Development

Team Development

Talent Management

Diversity & Inclusion

Organisation Design

Wellbeing Strategy

Talent Acquisition

I publish regular blog posts on personal growth and coaching. I also document my own coaching journey each quarter: read my Q1 and Q2 posts on the blog, or contact me to take the first step toward working together to achieve your goals.

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