I’m Stevie.

A curious employment law course in 2007 completely changed my career direction. Here I am 17 years, 200k+ employees, and 7 industries later, well-established in my field and always looking for new opportunities for further growth.

I’ve worked for some incredible brands and through it all, I’ve learned what really matters to me. So in 2024, I set up on my own to support SMEs in their own journeys to building and nurturing great workplaces for great people.


My Mission

I’m on a mission to make work work for everyone. This means fewer ‘shoulds’, bureaucratic restrictions, and barriers to success.

Instead, it means simplifying good HR to build manager capability, enable great workplace cultures and support growth for both organisations and individuals.

My Values

We’ll find a PACE that works for us both. It’s also an acronym that sums up my Values nicely!

P is for Progressive: a curious thinker, a mover and a doer. This is about my love for learning, sharing knowledge, and growth.

A is for Authentic: being genuine and spending time with people who feel they can also be themselves – this is key.

C is for Collaborative: there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’, so true partnership is key to finding the right solutions.

E is Ethical: doing the right thing not only drives me, it makes good business sense too.

Professional Accreditations

I am forever learning. Here are the some of the ways my CPD has been recognised:

Solidly in HR, but firmly outside of the box

I’ve learned a lot in my years providing HR expertise across different industries, but one thing has never changed: I’ve always looked for what we can do better. For HR that doesn’t get caught up in the way things have always been done, let’s talk.