I work with people and organisations to help them look beyond barriers like fear and limiting beliefs, to ultimately achieve success, fulfillment and balance – whatever that might look like.

explore what you're capable of


Goals, performance, potential, success, dreams… these are all areas that fascinate me. I also understand the amount of things that get in the way. I have worked with many people to achieve their goals throughout my career and if there is one thing I have learned, it is that the thing most often in the way is our own limiting beliefs.


I work with people to find clarity in their direction, identify barriers to success and get on track to making it happen. Every journey is unique, I get that and I’ll show it.


In early 2020, I explored beyond my career path. With a successful HR career under my belt, it still felt like a bold move to set up a coaching practice in a global pandemic. Yet my pivot has proven itself to be a long overdue step exploring beyond my own comfort zone. I am now committed to growing my business as I support the incredible personal and professional growth of each and every client I work with.

– An INFJ (MBTI), I’m an empath with a love for innovation and motivating others!


– I’m a mum and step-mum; our blended family is my constant source of laughs and motivation


– The world fascinates me: from the beauty of he natural world to the people and cultures that fill it. This means I love to travel!


– My experiences with epilepsy, depression and social anxiety have shaped me, now in a positive way


– Trying new things is a hobby of mine, but I’m partial to anything that involves adventure or dance!


– I’m a qualified Mental Health First Aider – training that has proven valuable in and outside of work


– I feel passionately against bullying, exclusion and unnecessary barriers; I believe we all have untapped potential


"Stevie is helping me find within myself the courage and confidence to reach my goal, I really enjoy our sessions and take sooo much from them"
Coaching Client



Yes! I trained with Full Circle Global and have both a Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Certificate in Executive Coaching Practice. This also means I am an ICF approved Coach and abide by their Code of Ethics.

why do you coach?

A long journey of self-discovery led me to coaching. I realise now it was there all long: I am an empath, but also an encourager, a motivator. I believe in the potential of every single person and I believe in the power of coaching to harness that potential. I coach because it enables me to fulfill my own purpose. It enables me to make a difference.

what is your background?

Prior to starting up my own business, I had a successful career in Human Resources. I supported both UK & International organisations, across various industries including Automotive, Technology, FMCG, Healthcare and Publishing. A generalist by role, but my HR expertise and passions focus on change management, strategy, organisational development and employee engagement.


I love balance and I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. This is why I listen. It means that we can then adapt the structured programmes and sessions I have built to work for you. I work with where you are right now and I challenge you to move further toward where you want to be. I’ll ask you to explore those fears and limiting beliefs that come up. We’ll dig deep and come out stronger.


You’ll see I like an acronym! My values are PACE: Progressive, Authentic, Collaborative and Ethical. Being able to live and breathe these values in work is so important to me. Please contact me if you would like to understand more about what these values mean to me and how I use them in my business. 


Certainly! My consultancy work is focused on supporting organisations through organisational growth or change. We spend so much time at work and I remain an advocate for creating worplaces where people can thrive.

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