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I’m Stevie, an ever-grateful thirtysomething woman, parent and portfolio career adventurer. I entered this decade ready for change and through the challenges of 2020, I welcomed balance and a new purpose into my life. Introducing aspects of coaching, psychology and education to my already successful HR career has been an incredible journey – one that now enables me to better support and be inspired by the journeys of others. 


As a coach, I specialise in supporting growth through wellbeing guidance. This is about helping you to build happiness in your own life. I appreciate how unique this is and so I don’t work from within a box! I also work across three schools, in both employed and voluntary capacities. My continuing psychology studies support all areas of my work, as I continue to support adults and children to live fulfilling lives. I also continue to work in a professional HR capacity, specialising in Change Management and Reward – please contact me directly to find out more.

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a little q&a...

are you a qualified coach?

Yes! I am an ICF approved coach and I trained with Full Circle Global, obtaining both a Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Certificate in Executive Coaching Practice. I am a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation), EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and AC (Association for Coaching) coaching bodies.

why do you coach?

A long journey of self-discovery led me to coaching. I realise now it was there all long, being both an empath and a motivator. I believe in the potential of every single person and I believe in the power of coaching to harness that potential. Dedicating time to wellbeing can be hugely powerful and it is incredible to be able to support client journeys in this way. 

what are your values?

My values are PACE: Progressive, Authentic, Collaborative and Ethical. Being Progressive is about continually improving and being Authentic is quite simply about being human. I believe passionately about working together to achieve results, so Collaboration is key. I abide by coaching and personal Ethics, constantly guided by a moral compass. Being able to live and breathe these values in work is so important to me.

what is your coaching style?

I love balance and I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, so I start by listening so I can adapt the structured programmes and sessions I have built to work for you. I work with where you are right now and I challenge you to move further toward where you want to be. I’ll ask you to explore those fears and limiting beliefs that come up. We’ll dig deep and you’ll come out stronger.

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